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We’re Gail and David of Rooftop Mosaic, a wedding photography partnership based in Glasgow, absolutely smitten with urban and city weddings. We specialise in documentary, fine art-influenced wedding photography with a side order of beautiful wedding filmmaking into the bargain.

We love all kinds of weddings, but as we’ve shot over a hundred weddings between us over the past six years, we’ve learned that our heart truly belongs to the city. We love songs about cities; movies about cities; city breaks, city tours, city t-shirts. Old postcards with familiar streets looking unrecognisable. There’s something that feels close to nostalgic about town weddings, maybe juxtaposing the industrial alongside the romantic.

We do lots of other stuff as well – Gail’s a graphic designer, and David’s also a videographer and copywriter, and together we also run a tiny creative agency called Walnut Wasp. So we’re not a production line of wedding shoots – we’re doing a small handful of weddings every year. This means we can give each of our weddings the care and attention and extra thought that lets us push the boundaries of what wedding photography can be.

We’re interested in creating timeless and thoroughly artistic records of weddings, both photographic and cinematic. We’re absolutely not about transforming the wedding into something else – we’re about collecting all of the textures and moments and beauty of the day as it existed in reality, and distilling them in something that feels close to art.


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Whimsical Wonderland Weddings: Louise + Dan // Heather + Paul

One Fine Day // Alissa + Gerard

Alternative, Urban Wedding Photography + Video | Scotland. UK. Worldwide.


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